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Announcement on Access to Chemical Registration System

Temporary Suspension of the Chemical Registration System Due to Regulatory Updates

The Chemical Registration System has been temporarily suspended due to numerous activities mandated by the amendments to the KKDIK Regulation, published in the Official Gazette on December 23, 2024.

These activities include publishing mandatory Procedures and Principles, updates related to Revolving Fund fees, and revisions in the Chemical Registration System according to the amended regulations.

Additionally, the evaluation of requests for registration by foreign company representatives using computers with international connections is underway.

Ministry aim to promptly resume services for Classification and Labeling, Pre-SIEF Notification, and Kimves applications. The “Registration File Submission Process” will be available after the “Procedures and Principles” are published by our Ministry.

Furthermore, following assessments by Ministry, it has been decided that access to the Chemical Registration System will be restricted to domestic users only. This step is taken to ensure compliance and streamline the registration process.



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