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Specifically after the entry into force of the TURKREACH KKDIK regulation, Turkish manufacturers and importers of chemicals face new challenges to comply with regulatory provisions.

DORUKSISTEM offers comprehensive scientific, regulatory and administrative support on chemicals, including:

  • Data gathering, literature searches and evaluation

  • Data-gap analysis, closing of data-gaps and study monitoring

  • Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA) - (Certified Expert) 

    • Phys. chem. hazards

    • Human health hazards

    • Environmental fate

    • Ecotoxicity

    • PBT and vPvB assessment

    • Technical Dossier (MoEU CRS System)

    • Identification of known uses

    • Exposure characterisation HH and ENV and development of exposure scenarios

    • Risk characterisation

  • Chemical Safety Report (CSR) (Certified Expert)

  • Classification and Labelling (Certified Experts)

  • Safety Data Sheets - Preperation, Compilation, Registration (Certified Experts)

  • SIEF management

  • Consortium management

  • Only Representative services

  • Third Party Services

  • Consultancy Services

  • Trainings


Please contact for further details on these individual services and on our recent projects and references.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss how we can best support you.


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