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According to TURKREACH KKDIK regulation, you are obliged to communicate on several issues in the supply chain and respectively in the TURKREACH KKDIK Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) (Madde Bilgi Değişim Forumu - MBDF) . In SIEF communication, quite a number of information especially relating to data needs to be gathered from or fed back to pre-SIEF and co-registrants. You also need to agree on the substance Identify, the Lead registrant, on the classification and labelling, and crucial information needs to be communicated to the authorities.

DORUKSISTEM helps you find out the intentions of your co-registrants, and it guarantees the best approach to contacting downstream users to gather information. It helps you store all communication and make sure information previously distributed is available, and communicate to the authorities, including MoEU and its different bodies.


  • How does the Communication Support work?


    DORUKSISTEM  Communication Team first analyses your specific communication needs, agreeing a communication strategy and setting up milestones and tools as well as identifying the parties you will need to communicate to.

    LiS, TURKREACH communication platform will be set up to allow:

    • Store documents

    • Organise surveys and votes

    • Create workspaces


  • DORUKSISTEM uses as much as possible standardized formats to facilitate collection of information, make the communication transparent and easy to follow. All individual requests that need to be treated outside the standardized approach and the communication platform will be also handled.


  • What does the Communication Support offer?


    • Highlighting your communication needs and obligation

    • Establishing contacts to relevant partners

    • Advising and drafting of input

    • Use of LiS – our communication platform

DORUKSISTEM also supports the registrants for pre-SIEF registrations for their potential substance(s) to be registered on MoEF Online CRS.

Please do not hesitate to contact for DORUKSISTEM's Only Representative Service for Pre-SIEF registrations, SIEF & Consortia Managements, C&L Notifications, SDS Preperation/Compilation solutions and TURKREACH KKDIK Management.

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