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Danger behind the wrong Only Representative selection in KKDIK

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

One of the the most important issue in Turkish REACH By-Law #KKDIK is to consider the selection of an Only Representative.

Potential registrants will not have the chance to change the #OnlyRepresentative (OR) appointed by theirselves before through the chemical registration system (#KKS) if they make the wrong decision in selecting the Only Representative without giving a letter of application to the MoEU. For the time being, the KKS system does not allow to transfer the new OR to be the Only Representative like in the EU #REACH-IT system.

Otherwise, pre-registrations made by the first Only Representative will continue to appear in the system and they can act as the Only Representative of the old company. This may naturally raise controversy over the authority of the only representative in the #SIEF negotiations.

Thus, Only Representative selection for international companies that export to Turkey is very very important.

This selection will not only ensure the fulfillment of the pre-registration responsibility, but will also ensure the successful completion of the whole KKDIK project, which will last until the end of 2023.

Making pre-registrations cheaper through an insufficient OR can make the entire KKDIK registration process very expensive.

Don't turn your back on the danger behind it.

We advise you to be careful.




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