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Critical Key Points of KKDIK

Updated: May 4, 2020

Inventory status does not affect the deadlines. For Registration under KKDIK, whether the substance is considered ’new’ is not a consideration.

Tonnage does not affect deadlines. The registration deadline under KKDIK is unrelated to any tonnage band.

Only Certified Assessment Specialists (CAS) described in KKDIK Annex XVIII can file registration dossiers, CSR and SDS/eSDS.

NONS (Notification of New Substances) were deemed as registered under REACH but they need to be registered under the scope of KKDIK.

No distinction between phase-in and non-phase-in substances. Both existing and new substances could be pre-registered and registered.

It is not possible to transfer the EU REACH data to KKDIK online registration system KKS in bulk. IUCLID data can only be transferred to KKS online system by a CAS (Chemical Assessment Specialist) manually in Turkish.

KKS online system only accepts data in Turkish. Even summaries of the lab reports should also be in Turkish and reviewed by a CAS.

Data required for registration are exactly the same as those required in EU REACH.


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